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Code of Conduct

Orange Valley Construction Group Code of Conduct brings together a number of Orange Valley Construction Group policies, provides additional guidance on legal and ethical compliance, and implements systems to ensure compliance.

The Orange Valley Construction Group family of companies conducts its business with integrity and respect for candidness, truthfulness, and high standards of business ethics. The organization requires that its employees and business partners adhere to these high standards. All employees of Orange Valley Construction Group independent operating companies, including directors and officers, must fulfill their responsibilities with honesty and integrity, and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Orange Valley Construction Group provides a positive and ethical work environment that supports doing what is right, respecting others, and performing with high standards.

Our complete Code of Conduct is

Ethics Hotline

If you have an ethics or compliance concern regarding the PCL family of companies, you can confidentially raise your concern via the button below, or by calling (800) 461-9330.

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